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WHERE THE WILD GEESE GO for Bb Clarinet and Recorded Sounds, 1993

Duration: 14:10

This is one of a series of compositions by Priscilla McLean that involves a virtuosic live performer in concert with taped bird and/or animal sounds to form a musical expression of the great American wilderness.  The CD has three different kinds of sounds: wild calls (Canadian geese, bald eagles, American bittern, loons, owls, honeybees and bumblebees), sampled clarinet sounds (none  synthesized), and percussive sounds (bottle drum, tabla).  Clarinet samples were contributed by Gerald Farmer, the virtuosic performer who has performed WHERE THE WILD GEESE GO several times and has recorded this piece on Capstone Records CPS-8637 CD, now Ravello/ Naxos Records: Music of Priscilla & Barton McLean, "The Electric Performer".

Performance practicality:  Not so difficult as adventurous, using some improvisation, and sometimes matching sounds with recorded ones.  Full range used.  Regular meter, but minute and seconds timing indicated. Clarinetist should listen closely to the recording and perform with it, as a duet. CD or computer plays continuously, and only needs to be started and stopped. The CD volume should be the same level as the clarinet.  Clarinetist will need a stopwatch or similar device.  The clarinet should blend, especially at the beginning, with the CD sounds into one "instrumental" sound. Later in the piece the clarinet and geese join in a rollicking jazzy dance of joy.  The second and last sections are quieter and more contemplative, as if the player were by the pond, listening to the geese sing as they fly into the distance.
Where the Wild Geese Go on Spotify

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