A new and exciting field of composing became available at Indiana University South Bend in 1973, which was to change Priscilla McLean’s music forever: the loan of the Synthi 100 Synthesizer with analog-to-digital keyboard, plus several large tape decks, placed in their first electronic music studio, directed by her husband Barton McLean.  In their own home fledgling studio, McLean began with a Synthi AKS small synthesizer and two tape decks for her first mature electronic work, “Night Images”, and shortly afterwards, “Dance of Dawn” in the university studio.  The latter 22-minute piece was enthusiastically accepted on CRI Recordings in 1976, and has been one of her most popular works.  The variety and depth of the pieces listed here shows an almost breath-taking advance from her earlier period.  By 1978 she began the fascination with animal sounds and her life-long desire to show symbiosis between humans and animals.