The McLean Mix, husband-wife duo composers/performers of their electroacoustic music, began in 1974, and by 1983 became a full-time occupation, with yearly national and international tours.  Most of the music created by Priscilla McLean in these years was for the McLean Mix, with the exception of two more orchestral pieces awarded National Endowment for the Arts composer grants, and a local choral commission by the Bennington, VT. Choral Society. With MLC Publications, their own publishing company consolidating almost all of their scores, with an international distributer, J.W Pepper & Sons, and with commissions by Moses Asch for Folkways Records (Electronic Music From the Outside In and Computer Music From the Outside In) plus recordings of their music put out by CRI, Folkways, Opus One Records, Louisville Orchestra Records, and others, the McLeans were very busy indeed.  In 1985, the world premiere of a whole concert devoted to the American wilderness, IN WILDERNESS IS THE PRESERVATION OF THE WORLD, was given by The McLean Mix at Bowling Green University, OH, and featured five works, three by Priscilla McLean, who had organized and planned the concert set. This was their first major collaboration, as performers, improvisers, and philosophers.