SAGE SONGS OF LIFE AND THYME (7 songs) for Soprano voice and Piano, 1992

Duration: 15:17

Priscilla McLean’s mother died in January, 1990. In her grief and reverie, McLean thought about death, our lives and their meaning, and how to cope with the inevitable end we all face.  These songs were the result, and each explores an avenue of coping, either with humor, sorrow, or resignation, to name a few. The title has a side reference to her New England mother’s love of cooking, especially roast meats.

These songs were recorded with Priscilla McLean as soprano and Susan Aceto as pianist, at Susan’s home in North Adams, MA. Susan Aceto is a concert pianist and the mother of Jonathan Aceto, performer on the Zeta midi violin, heard in McLean’s DESERT VOICES. Originally on Capstone Records - CPS-8663, 1999, and now available on Ravello/Naxos Records.

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