Priscilla McLean had been creating fade & dissolve slide shows for music used in concerts by The McLean Mix since 1982. A three-month residency in Malaysian Borneo in 1996 and partnering with Hasnul Jamal Saidon, videographer for the production of Jambori Rimba (Jungle Jamboree installation: see Compositional Collaborations) inspired McLean to build a video studio in their home bedroom in 1999.  The impetus for this was a round-robin five-university commission to celebrate the Millennium (see MILLing in the ENNIUM in Collaborations).  McLean fell in love with creating videos, even limited by the (very effective) Videonics analog-to-digital mixer and their television set, later evolved into a special room with iMac computer and Final Cut Express software.  SYMPHONY OF SEASONS, XAKAALAWE/FLOWING, CAVERNS OF DARKNESS/RINGS OF LIGHT, and CRIES AND ECHOES were all created to be bi-artistic, with equal importance to both music and images.  Creating the video first and adding the music became her technique, each bonding together into an intrinsic whole.  Creating pieces this way took twice as long, thus limiting the number of finished works.

Priscilla McLean wrote a Memoir of her life as composer and touring artist entitled HANGING OFF THE EDGE: Revelations of a Modern Troubadour, published by iUniverse in 2006.  This book took twelve years to write, and can be found in over a hundred music libraries in the U.S., U.K., and Australia.