CYBERLAMENT,  Audio Recording, 2008.  YouTube Video version: 2018

Duration: 5:41

Instrumentation on Sound Recording:  Charlie Tokarz, clarinets and saxophone. Santa Claus voice: Conrad Taylor, plus other speakers on telephones. Priscilla McLean as typist and frustrated woman on telephones.  Abdul is the Borneo native gourd depicting mischief, that hangs in the foyer of the McLean home.

CYBERLAMENT is a spoof on the tech-bound world we live in.  Beginning with typing on the computer keyboard, and continually getting an “error” signal, the frustration builds with overlays of typing sounds. A bouncy jazz saxophone intervenes. The next layer of confusion involves dialing people who are not home, and getting answering machines, business computer voices that spill out a range of numbers to try, all interrupted by the happy saxophone. Finally, at the end the telephone rings, and when answered, there is no one on the line.