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for Stereo Tape (Recorded Sounds)
Duration:  6:07
“What are in the images of the night’s eye? Some drift by clearly: focused, lucid. Others are mere phantoms, vaporous ghosts that wander in the half-sensed twilight. The night belies and jests with reality, a cosmos apart.” (Priscilla McLean).

  NIGHT IMAGES was McLean’s first mature electronic work, created in the McLean home electronic studio in 1973, on two small analog synthesizers, the Arp 2600 Synthesizer and Synthi AKS, recorded on two stereo Revox tape decks and one quadraphonic Sony deck, and mixed down to a final two channels. Premiere:  September 19, 1974, St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN (also the first McLean Mix concert). Performances from 1974-75, and from 1997 on the McLean Mix “Inside the Time Machine” concert, Missouri Western State College and several “Time Machine” concerts through year 2000 at Trinity College, Hartford, CT.

First Recording: Folkways Records Album No.FXM 36050 (1980) “Electronic Music From the Outside In”, featuring the composer explaining NIGHT IMAGES first, and then the recording. The second version, music alone, was In 1997 on CRI: “The McLean Mix & the Golden Age of Electronic Music” CD 764.  The latest version is on EM Records 1060CD (2006), the album titled Barton and Priscilla McLean, ELECTRONIC LANDSCAPES, and the extensive booklet is printed in English and Japanese.    
Night Images - Priscilla McLean
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