ANGELS OF DELIRIUM, Audio Recording, 2001

Duration: 13:33

ANGELS OF DELIRIUM is the first all-electroacoustic piece since DANCE OF SHIVA in 1990. Sound sources are a mixture of WaveStation synthesizer and TX81Z invented sounds, plus samples of many acoustic sources, such as styrofoam that is being bowed with a violin bow, a clapper from Borneo shaped as a shrunken head, and the twisting of a rubber microphone cord, which gave off eerie saxophone-like sounds, among many others. The basic choral chords originate from the composer’s own voice, sung and placed on the ASR-10 synth keyboard at their original pitches.  McLean envisioned ANGELS OF DELIRIUM as coming through the filter of the delirious state, as from another world, perhaps angels calling to a special place. ANGELS OF DELIRIUM is recorded on EM Records: Reality and the Environment Series, 1060CD. The extensive booklet is in English and Japanese.  
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