N CELEBRATION (of the Historic Alaskan Wilderness Act and of All Consciousnesses of Our
Bond with Nature), for SSAATB Chorus, Piano, Percussion, and Recorded Sounds, 1987

Duration: 13:10
Performance practicality:  Medium difficulty. Chorus bangs small local roundish rocks together, plus one metal trash can and hard rubber mallet.  Solo percussionist has snare drum, tenor drum, two tom-toms, and bass drum.  Pianist places an aluminum foil strip underneath piano dampers. CD player or computer needed, and one person to stop and pause the CD or computer sound at marked places, and to balance the recorded sounds with the choral singing.  IN CELEBRATION was commissioned by the Bennington, VT Choral Society and premiered on Nov. 14, 1987, conducted by Edwin Lawrence. Published in 1988 by MLC Publications. The premiere received a glowing review from the Bennington Banner, but has not been performed since.