In 2011, after rebuilding from a near-devastating flood (Hurricane Irene) at their Petersburgh, NY home, thankful that their music had been spared, the McLeans began the long process of revising, copying, and digitizing all of their output since student days, which took several years, until 2018.  This occupied almost all of Priscilla McLean’s creative time, along with several health issues, including two knee replacements and several eye operations.  New works have been few during this period.  The acquisition of the KYMA software system, which has revolutionized the art of electronic composing, happened in 2011, with Barton McLean taking the lead in learning and creating with it. The new works here involve similar techniques of sampling and blending sounds as before, but with new sophistication and a broader pallet of sound possibilities.  The McLeans retired from touring in 2013, but are still actively involved in creating new exciting works of music, now often combined with YouTube images and videos.