McLean Mix Tour History (with other stopovers along the way):  Part 1  (1974 -1992)
By 1974, Barton and Priscilla had developed a modest electronic music studio as well as Barton directing the state of the art IUSB (Indiana University-South Bend) studio with the Synthi 100 , and had composed  enough works to begin performing at other universities.  Initially they teamed up with David Cope and Burton and Celeste Beerman, called themselves "The Mix" electroacoustic ensemble, and performed at each of their respective universities in 1974-5.  By 1975, prohibitive travel logistics in rehearsal dictated that they regroup as the McLean Mix duo (Priscilla and Barton McLean), and have been performing as such through 2013, when they "officially" retired.  In 1983 they left the University of Texas, where Barton directed the Electronic Music Center, and they proceeded to carve out a full time career of touring by performing their music and installations at universities, museums, galleries, alternative spaces, libraries, community centers, and other schools.  A brief outline history of this saga follows, in two parts.
All premieres (meaning world premieres) in brown.

Fall, 1974
9/19/74:  St Mary’s College, Notre Dame, In. First McLean Mix performance ever.  Gone Bananas, Night Images, Dance of Dawn, Groove (Performed on Electrocomp 101, ARP 2600, Synthi AKS). All world premieres.

10/11/74: Univ of Akron. Noon concert. Gone Bananas, Night Images, Ah-Syn (premiere)
10/13/74: Univ. of Akron.  With David Cope.  Dance of Dawn, Mandala (Bruce Hemingway video), Arena for vcl & tape by Cope, Genesis (Premiere), Groove.  
3/1/75:  Bowling Green State Univ.  The Mix (McLean Mix expanded by adding Burt Beerman, David Cope).  Premiere concert. Dance of Dawn, The Sorcerer Revisited (premiere)
4/10/75:  Miami of Ohio.  With Burt & Celeste Beerman, David Cope.  Spirals
), Dance of Dawn.  
4/19/75: Indiana Univ at South Bend.  With Burt Beerman, David Cope. Dance of Dawn, Groove.  This was the last concert with “The Mix.” After that, only Barton & Priscilla.
4/21/75. Indiana State University, Terre Haute.  Night Images (premiere), Gone Bananas, Genesis, Dance of Dawn, Groove
4/26/75.  U of Wisconsin, Eau Claire. Same.

2/17/76: Westminster College lecture demo. Gone bananas, Night Images, Sorcerer Revisited
3/19/76: Towson State College, Md. Gone Bananas, Sorcerer Revisited, Ah-Syn, Dance of Dawn, Groove
5/4/76: Calvin College, Grand Rapids. Gone bananas, The Sorcerer Revisited, Ah-Syn, Dance of Dawn, Groove

9/28, 29,30:  U Texas-Austin: Ah-Syn, Dance of Dawn (Quad), 8 Channel Demo, Song of the Nahuatl (8 channel) premiere.  

2/8/79:  Southern Medhodist Univ. Beneath the Horizon (premiere quartet version), Invisible Chariots, Mysteries of the Ancient Nahuatl -Excerpts(premiere), Song of the Nahuatl
2/19/79:  Univ. of Kansas-Lawrence. Mysteries-Excerpts, Invisible Chariots, Ah-Syn, Song of the Nahuatl
2/22/79: Univ. of Wichita. Same.
3/15/79. Colorado College. Same
4/12/79. UT-Austin.  Beneath the Horizon (solo premiere), Mysteries, Night Images
4/23/79: U Illinois-Urbana. 2/19 concert minus Ah-Syn.
4/25/79: IUSB. Same as 2/19 program.
4/27/79. U of Akron. Same as 2/19 program.
5/2/79: Columbia University. Same.
5/6/79: National Gallery of Art. Same program.

1979 Gaudeamus Miziekweek_Europe (Priscilla)
Work performed: Beneath the Horizon III for tuba and prerecorded whales by Melvyn Poore.
9/7/97: De Doelen, Rotterdam
10/12/79: Schauspielhaus/Probebuhne, Graz, Austria


4/16/81. UT-Austin. Mysteries, Invisible Chariots, Inner Universe, Dimensions VIII for Piano & Tape (premiere)
4/30/81.  BRT-Antwerp Radio. Same
5/2/81. Palais de Beaux-Arts, Brussels. Same
5/3/81. Stichting Logos, Ghent. Same
5/13/81. Muzicki Zagreb Bienalle. Same.  

4/12/82. Amherst College, Ma. Mysteries, Inner Universe, Invisible Chariots, Dimensions VIII
4/14/82. Smith College. Lecture/demo.
4/15/82: U Mass, Amherst. Mysteries, Inner Universe, Invisible Chariots, Dimensions VIII
4/17/82: SUNY Stony Brook.  Mysteries, Inner Universe, Invisible Chariots, Natural Causes (Peterson)
4/20/82: Hartt College of Music. Mysteries, Inner Universe, Invisible Chariots, Dimensions VIII
4/24/82. Pine Street Warbler, Seattle. Same.
4/26/82: New Music Circle, St. Louis. Same

7/24/82: Kerrville Festival, Kerrville, Tx.  Mysteries, The Last Ten Minutes (premiere), Inner Universe, Invisible Chariots, Dimensions VIII
10/1/82: Glassboro State Univ. Same
10/4/82. SUNY Potsdam.  Mysteries,  Inner Universe, Invisible Chariots, Dimensions VIII
10/5/82. Hamilton College. Same
10/7/82. Fitchburg State University. Mysteries, The Last Ten Minutes, Inner Universe, Invisible Chariots, Dimensions VIII
10/8/82. College Music Society. Inner Universe.  
10/14/82. Texas Tech, Lubbock. Mysteries, The Last Ten Minutes, Inner Universe, Invisible Chariots, Dimensions VIII
11/1/82. KPFA radio with Charles Amirkhanian
11/1/82 - 11/4/82. Cal State Sacremento.  11/1 - Lecture & panel. 11/2 - rehearsals. 11/3 - Concert: Same as above.  11/4: Dimensions II, Beneath the Horizon (solo), Ritual of the Dawn, Dimensions IV, Variations & Mozaics.
11/6/82: Cal State - Chico. Same basic concert.
11/7/82. Shasta College. Same.
11/10/82. Cal Arts, Valencia. Same.
11/10/82. KPFK radio with Carl Stone.
11/11/82. Cal State Dominguez Hills. Same
11/12/82. Friday Evening Concerts at Cal State-San Diego. Same.
1/21/83. UT-Austin. Last Ten Minutes, Etunytude (premiere), The Electric Sinfonia (premiere)
2/18/83. U Wisconsin Milwaukee. Bart residency. A Lecture (McLean-Wishart) (premiere).
2/19/83. U Wis.  - Etunytude . The Electric Sinfonia, The Last Ten Minutes.  All composed on Fairlight CMI.
3/5/83: Hamilton College. Invisible Chariots, The Last Ten Minutes,
4/6/83:  SUNY Buffalo N American Music Festival. Basic concert (Mysteries, The Last Ten Minutes, Inner Universe, Invisible Chariots, Dimensions VIII)
plus Ixtlan for 2 Pianos (world premiere by Yvar Mikashoff & Michael McCandless)
4/7/83: Eastman School of Music. Mysteries, The Last Ten Minutes, Inner Universe, Invisible Chariots, Dimensions VIII
4/12/83. RPI, Troy, NY. Same.
4/14/83. Bard College. Same.
4/16.  Experimental Intermedia Fdn., NYC. Same, except substituting Beneath the Horizon (canned version) for Inner Universe.

1983-4 (Moving to Petersburgh, N.Y.)
11/16/83:  NCRV-Hilversum (broadcast 1/11/84). Inner Universe, The Last Ten Minutes, Dimensions VIII.
11/16/83: Stichting Logos, Ghent. Basic concert.  
11/17/83: The Icebreaker, Amsterdam.  Same basic concert.
11/23/83: U.S. Information Service in Stockholm, Sweden. Lecture concert.
11/25/83: ISCM in Bergen, Norway. Same basic concert.
1/9/84 - 2/20/84: MacDowell Colony
2/26/84: U Kansas-Lawrence Symposium. The Inner Universe, Beneath the Horizon (tape & slides), Dimensions VIII, The Last Ten Minutes (the new basic program)
2/29/84: Panel with Subotnick, Hanley Jackson, Ed Mattila.
3/7/84: Skidmore College. Basic program.
3/11- 3/12/84. Nights with Sarmad Brody.
3/12/84. Elizabethtown College. Basic program.
3/13/84. Philadelphia College of Performing Arts. Basic program.
3/14/84. Temple university. Basic program.
3/15/84: Virginia Commonwealth University. Basic program.
3/16/84. Stayed with Jay & Louise Harris.
3/18/84: Wichita State University. Basic program.
3/19 - 3/20/84. Stayed with Larry Austin.
3/21 - 22/84. Stayed with Karl Korte.
3/27/84: UT-El Paso. Basic program.
3/31/84: Arizona State U. Tempe. Basic program.
4/2/84: Sam Houston State U. Basic program.
4/3/84: Stayed with Mary Marcus in Memphis.
4/4 - 4/7/84: ASUC Natl Conference. Ohio State.
4/9/84: Univ. of Missouri-Columbia. Basic Program.
4/11/84. Univ. of Kentucky - Lexington. Basic program.

12/1/84: Iowa State U. Ames.  Basic concert. 11/30: Lecture.
2/14/85: Univ. of Lowell. Basic concert.
2/27/85: Denison Univ. Basic concert.
3/1/85: Ohio Univ. - Columbus. Basic concert.
3/3/85: Kent State U. Basic concert.
3/8/85: Univ. of Michigan-Ann Arbor. Basic concert.
3/10/85: Baldwin-Wallace U. Basic concert.
3/13/85: Univ. of Akron. Basic concert.
4/2 & 4/3/85. Ohio Univ.-Athens. Basic concert.
4/6/85: College-Conservatory -Univ. of Cincinnati. Basic concert.
3/14/85: Cleveland State Univ. Basic concert.
4/11/85: Univ of Maryland-College Park. Inner Univer, Dimensions VIII
6/22/29. Residency at Yellow Springs, Oh.  
6/29/85:  Concert at Yellow Springs: In the Place of Tears (premiere), Wilderness (premiere)

10/4/85: Univ of Hawaii at Manoa. Priscilla concert. Inner Universe, Invisible Chariots, Beneath the Horizon.
11/8 - 9/85: Bowling Green Festival. In Wilderness is the Preservation of the World (premiere)/ Our first (among several) concert with an overall name.
Contents: 1. On WIngs of Song, 2. Invocation, 3. Voices of the Water, 4. O Beautiful Suburbia, 5. Passages of the Night
2/2/86: Univ. of Victoria. Basic program
2/5/86: Univ of Idaho, Moscow. Basic program
3/13/86: Univ. of Akron. In Wilderness...
3/17/86: Bucknell Univ. In Wilderness....
3/21/86: Syracuse Soc. for new Music. In Wilderness....
4/11/86: New Music America-Houston. In Wilderness... Parts 2 & 4.
8/10 - 17/85: Bennington Chamber Music Conference. Premier of Coming Together, Partita Revisited  on 8/17.

2/11/87: Western Michigan Univ. Lecture-demo.
2/12/87: Western Michigan Univ.  In Wilderness....
3/12/87:  iEAR at RPI. The Electric Sinfonia, Song of the Nahuatl, A Lecture (program a result of NYFA grant)
3/15/87:  RCCA-Sierra Club. In Wilderness is the Preservation of the World.
3/22/87:  Fitchburg, Ma. Public Library.  In Wilderness...
3/24/87: St. Olaf College. In Wilderness...
3/26/87: Intermedia Arts Gallery, Minneapolis.  In Wilderness...
3/30/87:  New England Conservatory.  On Wings of Song, Oh Beautiful Suburbia, Beneath the Horizon III, A Lecture, Electric Sinfonia, Song of the Nahutal, Spirals
4/2/87: Univ. of Lowell. In Wilderness...
4/26/87: College of Holy Cross (SCI conference). On Wings of Song, Voices of the Water.
Unknown date: North Adams State College. In Wilderness...

1/24/88: Fargo Moorhead Orch. A Magic Dwells (premiere)
2/26/88: Albany Symphony. Voices of the Wild (premiere)
2/28/88: Syracuse Soc for new Music; Elan (premiere)
3/9/88: Montclair State Univ.  Earth Music (premiere), On Wings of Song, Voices of the Water, Oh Beautiful Suburbia, Where the Mountains Are High and the Land is pure (premiere)
3/30/88: Calvin College. In Wilderness...
3/31/88: St. Cecilia Soc. Grand Rapids. In Wilderness...
Date unknown: Keene State College. In Wilderness...

11/6/88: St. Paul Civic Symphony. Variations & Mozaics ....
12/31/89: First Night Stamford. Rainforest.
Jan. 15 & 17/89 : Cleveland Chamber Symphony. Wilderness (instrumental version premiere)
Feb. 16, Evening: William & Mary College, Williamsburg, Va., Concert, In Wilderness is the Preservation of the World  
Feb. 20, Evening, Univ. of N. Texas, Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater, Concert In Wilderness is the Preservation of the World
Feb. 21, 3 PM., Univ. of N. Texas M. E. I. T., "Shop Talk"
Feb. 28-March 5: Residency at California State University-Chico and with the Chico Symphony. Main events as follows:
Feb. 28, evening: Concert In Wilderness is the Preservation of the World  at Cal State-Chico, Harlen Adams Theater
March 4 and 5, 3 P.M. and 8:15 P.M. respectively: McLean Mix soloists with the Chico Symphony performing Voices of the Wild  in the Harlen Adams Theater, Cal. State, Chico.
March 7, 9:30-11:30 pm, featured on KPFK FM, Los Angeles (One hour)
March 8, 1:50 PM. Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Or., Beneath the Horizon, Invisible Chariots, Visions of a Summer Night (premiere)
March 10, 12:30 PM., University of Washington, Seattle, Brechimin Auditorium. Same as above.
March 14, 7 PM, San Diego State University, Ca., Smith Recital Hall, Concert. In Wilderness is the Preservation of the World  
March 17, Univ. of Southern California, Arnold Schoenberg Institute, 11 AM-12:30 PM, See Portland program.
March 20, 9-11:15 am. featured on KPFA FM, Berkeley
March 20 noon: Interview with Keyboard magazine for a feature on Mc Mix
March 27-31.  Residency at University of Wyoming-Laramie. Main events: March 29,  Evening, Concert, In Wilderness is the Preservation of the World
March 27, 28, 30:   Earth Music-Audience-interactive installation premiere-subsequently called “Rainforest,” which turned out to be the backbone of the McLean Mix being able to survive as an economic vehicle for 20 more years.
April 2. Wichita State U. Lecture Demo.
April 4.  MTNA National Convention, Conference Center, Conf. Rm. #C10, 10:45-12 Noon. Wichita, Kansas. Lecture-demo. April 13. Evening  The University of Vermont, Burlington. Concert In Wilderness is the Preservation of the World.
April 19, 12 noon-1 PM.  University of Scranton Gallery Concerts. In Wilderness is the Preservation of the World.
Dec. 31, 1989: First Night Stamford.  Stamford, Conn.    Installation:  RAINFOREST

Feb.22:  Walla Walla College.  Concert, "In Wilderness ...."
Feb. 25.  Installation: (RAINFOREST)
Feb. 26-7  special session for Audobon Soc.    
March 14:    Rutgers University.Music Dept.     1:15 pm Lecture. Concert: In Wilderness.....
March 27:    Troy Savings Bank Music Hall Concert, EARTH MUSIC improv w. Neil Rolnick, Robert Dick
March 28-9:    Ohio University, Athens.     Installation: RAINFOREST.
March 30:    Concert "In Wilderness...."
April 1-2:    In Baltimore motel, practicing for FIREFLIES and other works.    
April 3: Towson State Univ. Concert, "IN WILDERNESS.", 8:15 PM
April 4-5:  Installation RAINFOREST
April 6:    Peabody Conservatory. Master class: Beneath the Horizon, Invisible Chariots, Visions of a Summer Night.
April 8:       Goucher College. Wilderness, Earth Music, Oh Beautiful Suburbia, Beneath the Horizon, Visions of a Summer Night V. Demons..., VI Fireflies.
April 24-27:    Petersburg (N.Y.) Library.    Installation FIREFLIES. (premiere)
May 22:    DIA Foundation    Concert. FIREFLIES.

8/17-24/90. Residency at Latrobe Univ, Melbourne.
         8/22/90. Lecture on Women’s music by Priscilla.
         8/23/90. Rainforest Installation.
         8/24/90. Concert. Wilderness, Dance of Shiva (premiere), Visions of a Summer     Night Demons & Night Musician, Rainforest (concert version)
8/27/90. Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio show with Warren Burt.
8/28/90: Monash University. Beneath the Horizon, Dance of Shiva, Visions of a Summer Night.
9/5-10/90. Canberra Inst. of the Arts residency.
         9/5: Invisible Chariots, Dance of Shiva, Visions of a Summer night
         9/9 & 10/90: Rainforest installation.
9/11/90: Univ of Queensland, Brisbane. Invisible Chariots, Dance of Shiva, Visions ...
9/21/90: Univ. of Auckland. Invisible Chariots, Dance of Shiva, Visions...
9/21/90. Concert. Wilderness, Dance of Shiva, Visions (Night Musician, Demons), Earth Music
9/24 - 9/26: Artspace in Auckland. Rainforest installation.
10/12/90: Univ of Hawaii at Manoa. Wilderness, Dance of Shiva, Visions ...(Night Musician, Demons), Rainforest (concert version)
12/11/90: MCLA-North Adams. Rainforest installation

1/1/91: First Night Stamford. Rainforest.
1/23 - 26/91     NYS Museum    Rainforest
1/29-30/91    St. Lawrence University    Rainforest
1/31/92    "    Gods, Demons and the Earth. (premiere concert of this name, including: Earth Music, Visions of a Summer Night (Demons... & Fireflies), Wilderness, Dance of Shiva).
1/26/91    Univ. of Connecticut, Storrs.  Gods, Demons.
2/19/91    N. Greenbush Library, Wynantskill,N    Rainforest
2/20/91    Sanford Library, Colonie, NY    Rainforest
2/21/92    Sand Lake Library, NY    Rainforest
2/22/91    Cohoes Pub. Library, NY    Rainforest
2/23/91    Nassau Free Library, NY    Rainforest
3/6/91    Univ. of Lowell    Rainforest
3/20-22,26/91    Rensselaer Co. Center for the Arts. Fireflies Installation
3/28/91    Univ. of Akron    Gods, Demons ......
4/1/91    Mt. Union Col, Alliance, OH    Rainforest
4/2/91    "    Gods, Demons.....
4/3/91    “    "    Convocation
4/5/91    Williams College    Gods, Demons (1/2 concert)
4/7/91    Bard College    Rainforest
4/11/91    WGBH-FM, Cambridge    Radio Prog.
4/17-19/91    Spackenkill Schools    Rainforest
4/17/91    Vassar College    Lecture/Demo
4/24/91    Univ. of Deleware, Newark.    Gods, Demons
4/25-26/91        "    Rainforest
4/28/91    Hamilton College    Gods, Demons
4/30/91    Schenectady Showcase    Rainforest
5/2-4/91    Syr. Soc. NM/Everson, Syracuse,NY    Rainforest
5/17,21-31/91    NYS Museum    Rainforest
8/13/91    Whiteface Mtn Atmospheric & Science Center    Lecture/Rainforest
10/26/91    SEAMUS-U. Illinois    Fireflies

2/1/92     S.F.Womens Philhar.    Everything Awakening (premiere)
2/20/92    Saratoga, NY Library    Rainforest
2/25/92    Sand Creek, NY  Middle School    Rainforest
3/12/92    SCI-Alabama.      Fireflies, Wilderness
4/22/92    Scotia-Glenville, NY  School    Rainforest
4/30/92    Hoosick Valley Elem School;    Rainforest
6/20/92    NY Open Center    Concert: Fireflies, Wilderness, Dance of Shiva, Rainforest improvisation
6/21/92        "    Rainforest
8/26/92    Chautauqua Institution    Rainforest

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