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McLean Mix Touring History, Part 2

1/6/93    King School, Schenectady, NY    Rainforest
2/10-11Cobleskill Ag & Tech Col.     Rainforest
2/24    Seven Hills Sch., Cincinnatti. OH.    Lecture/Perf.(Rainf. Images,             Wilderness)
3/1-8    Chico State Residency    Rainforest, Rainf. Reflec.(orch),             Concert (Gods, Demons ...)
3/11    San Francisco Conservatory    Wilderness, Invisible Chariots, Earth Music, Visions...
3/12    Appearance on KPFA w Russ Jennings    Rainforest Images, other works
3/12    Old First Concerts, S.F.    Concert. Gods, Demons
3/22    Governers State Univ.    Lec/perf.See 3/11
3/25    Oberlin Conservatory    Lec/Perf.See 3/11
3/29    Chicago. Musical College    Lec/Perf.See 3/11
3/30-4/1    Thunder Bay Arts Council Residency    Rainforest, Gods, Demons
4/4    Indianapolis Museum    Rainforest    
4/26-28    Catskill High School    .Rainforest
5/6-7    Tamarack High School, Troy, NY    Rainforest
5/12    King School, Schenectady, NY    Assembly (Peru trip)
8/12    Arkville Center (ERPF), NY    Rainforest
10/20/94    SCI, Region III Penn State U.     Keynote Speech
10/13-14    Common Ground    Rainforest
10/23    Fitchburg State College    Lec/Perf. See 3/11
11/18-21    Illinois Wesleyan    Professional  Composer Paper

Spring, 1994
2/4    Kirkland Art Center, Clinton, NY    Rotary (Rainf. Images) Workshop
2/15-16    Caroline St. Elementary Sch, Saratoga    Rainforest
2/17    St. Clement's Sch, Saratoga    Rainforest
2/24    W. VA. U., Morgantown    Lec/Perf.
2/28-3/2    Texas Tech, Lubbock    Rainf., Gods, Demons
3/4    Univ. Texas, San Antonio    Lec/Perf
3/8    Baylor Univ.    Lec/Perf
3/10    W. Georgia College, Carrolton    Lec/Perf.
3/16    Wm & Mary Col., VA    Lec/Perf
3/17-19    Yorktown Arts Foundation    Rainforest, Lec/Perf.
4/8    SEAMUS, Middlebury Col    Rainf. Images II (premiere) video
4/11-14    Kirkland Art Center    Rainforest Outreach
4/25-30    Kirkland Art Center    Rainforest, Gods, Demons
5/3-4    Kirkland Art Center     Followup
6/4    Morning Pro Music, WGBH    Rainforest Images
6/16-28 Residency with    Nature Sounds Society, Oakland:
   6/25: Rainforest installation.

10/14 - 10/15/94: Petersburgh Veterans Memorial. Hall. Forgotten Shadows installation. Premiere
11/28/94: Wabash College. Gods, Demons and the Earth
2/24 - 2/25/95:    Rocky Mount Museum, N. Carolina    Installation Rainforest
Feb. 27-March 4    Georgia Southern Univ., Statesboro, Ga.    Residency:
        2/28 - 3/2/95: Rainforest
        3/3/95: On the Edge of new Forms program (Wilderness, Visions of a Summer Night, Rainforest Images II, Dance of Shiva).
March 6    Univ. of Wisconson, Madison    On the Edge of New Forms
March 8    Denison Univ., Ohio       On the Edge of New Forms
March 9-11    Dave & Rachael Bernstein (private)    In Bath, Ohio    
March 13-15    Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI. Residency: Gods, Demons and the Earth, and Rainforest installation.    
March 27-29    Festival of New Music, W. Illinois Univ.Featured guests
        March 27-8: Rainforest.
        March 29: Gods, Demons, and the Earth
March 30-April 1 Dare Thompson (private)    In Deleware, OH    614 363 1000
April 3-4     Mt. Vernon Nazarene College, Ohio    Mini-residency:
        April 3: Rainforest
        April 4: Concert. Gods, Demons
April 6    Little Dixie Concert Assn., Moberly, Mo.Mini-residency: On the Edge & Rainforest
April 7-8    Soc. of Composers, Iowa City    Paper, part of concert.
April 10    Chase Co. Arts Cncl., Imperial, NE. Rainforest & On the Edge...
April  13-15,19-20    Robert Hamilton (private)    in Chandler, AZ.    
April 13 - 27. On location recording for Desert Spring installation in Utah & Arizona.
May 7    Westmoreland Sanctuary, Mt. Kisco NY    Lecture/demo wilderness concert.
May 8,9    Pulaski Library, Pulaski, NY    Installation    Rainforest
May 13-14    Noyes Museum, Oceanville, NJ Music from & by the Wilderness (Earth Music, In Wilderness: Voices, Oh Beautiful, Wilderness, Rainforest Images II).

2/7/96: Carolina Co Library, MD.    Rainforest
2/8        Rainforest, On The Edge
2/10    Con Spirito Community Concerts    Gods, Demons & the Earth
2/11    Lecture/demo Roanoke Unitarian Church. Amazon, Rainforest Images I, Wilderness, Dance of Shiva.
3/13-15    Univ. of Akron, OH    Rainforest
3/13    Univ of Akron     Gods, Demons
3/18    Ball State Univ., Muncie IN. 26 Annual New Music Fest.
            On the Edge of New Forms
3/19        Gods, Demons...
4/22    Mt. Vernon Nazarene Col.    Rainforest/On the Edge
9/17/96    Bart leaves for Malaysia. Putting studio together. Pris follows Oct. 7
10/4-11/14     Field trips to Bako, Ulu Ai, Sarawak Cultural Village, Kubah,
11/26/96           Jamboree Rimba at UNIMAS    Jamboree Rimba
12/2/96          Kuala Lumpur                Lecture/Demo
12/5/96           Back in USA

1/22/97: 5 pm Asian Composers League, Manila. Wilderness, Rainforest Images II
1/24, 5 pm    Asian Composers League, Manila    Lecture/demo on Malaysia tour
2/18    Guests on The Environment Show (NPR, ABC Radio)
3/19    San Jose State Univ.    "On the Edge of New Forms"
3/20-22    Discovery Museum, San Jose    Rainforest installation
3/26-28    Northern Arizona Univ    Desert Spring installation
4/2-3    Living Arts of Tulsa (OK)    Rainforest  installation
4/4    Living Arts of Tulsa    On the Edge of New Forms (Earth Song, Visions of a Summer Night, Wilderness, Rainforest Images II)
4/7-8    Missouri Western State College    Rainforest installation
4/9    Missouri Western State College    Inside the Time Machine premiere concert containing: Earth Music, Night Images, Happy Days, In the Beginning, Rainforest Images II. Happy Days and In the Beginning are world premieres.
4/19 at 11 am    Guests on Morning Pro Musica Live (WGBH-FM, WAMC-FM etc) w.ith Robert. J Lurtsema
4/22    Univ. of New England at Biddeford, ME    Rainforest install., concert. Earth Song (still not called “Earth Music),” Jambori Rimba (world premiere), Wilderness, Rainforest Images II.  Eco concert.
4/23    North Adams State College (MA)    "On the Edge of New Forms"
5/1    North Adams State College(MA)    Inside the Time Machine concert plus world premiere of Rhapsody on a Desert Spring with Jonathan Aceto.
5/2-3    Petersburg Public Library (NY)    Rainforest installation
5/9    Albany Center Galleries (NY)    Rainforest installation
9/20-30    Siena College, Loudenville NY    Jambori Rimba first performance
10/6-10    S.E.  Louisiana Univ., Hammond    Jam. Rimba premiere of complete installation
10/12    Fanfare, SE LA  State Univ. Hammond     Rainforest
10/14    Fanfare  Music Dept. Theater    Music from & About Wilderness
10/16-17    S.E. Arkansas Center for Arts/Science  Pine Bluff.  Rainforest installation

April 5:  Syracuse Society of New Music. Ritual of the Dawn.
APRIL 14-15:  Chicago Musical College Music Dept. Program:  In Beginning, Happy Days, Night Images
APRIL 15-19.  Indiana University, Bloomington. Music School SCI Conference.  Paper on Asian Musical Developments
APRIL 19-22. Ohio Northern Univ., Ada, OH.   April 20,21: Rainforest.  April 22:  Time Machine
APRIL 23-4. Home of Curtis and Kathy Curtis-Smith.  (616) 382 4645
APRIL 25.  Kalamazoo Valley Museum.  Rainforest
APRIL 26.  Home of David and Rachael Bernstein.  ((216) 659 4594

MARCH 2-5:  Residency at The Arts Center of Old Forge at Old Forge, N.Y.  
             March 2-5:  RAINFOREST audience-interactive installation.
             March  5:  Lecture/performance in evening.
MARCH 20:  Concordia College, Montreal. Evening lecture/performance ON THE EDGE OF NEW FORMS
MARCH 24-26:  Residency at State Univ. of New York at Plattsburgh.       
             March 24-25:  RAINFOREST audience-interactive installation.   
             March 26:  Evening concert "INSIDE THE TIME MACHINE"
APRIL 1-3:  Residency at Living Arts of Tulsa, in Tulsa, OK.       
        April 1-2:  Installation JAMBORI RIMBA.
        April  3:  Evening concert INSIDE THE TIME MACHINE
APRIL 6:  Concert and classes at Southeast Missouri State Univ. at Cape Girardeau.               April 6 evening lecture/concert ON THE EDGE OF NEW FORMS
APRIL 9-11:  Residency at the Discovery Museum, Little Rock, AR.  RAINFOREST audience-interactive installation
APRIL 13:  Lecture/demo and installation at Capital University, Columbus, OH.   RAINFOREST, insterspersed with lecture/demo ON THE EDGE OF NEW FORMS
APRIL 15-16:  Residency  at Delaware County Cultural Arts Center (The Arts Castle), Delaware, OH.  Audience-interactive installation RAINFOREST
APRIL 19-24:  Residency at the Hall Museum of Ideas in Midland, MI.   Audience-interactive installation RAINFOREST
APRIL 28-30:  Residency at the Univ of Minnesota in Duluth, MN. RAINFOREST
        April 30:  Concert INSIDE THE TIME MACHINE
MAY 3-8. Residency at Ohio University-Athens.   
        May 4:  Athens International Film Festival.  RAINFOREST IMAGES video     presentation
        May 5-7:  JAMBORI RIMBA audience-interactive installation
        May 8:  Concert INSIDE THE TIME MACHINE
7/6/99: Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, Ma. . With Jonathan Aceto. Rhapsody on a Desert Spring and Desert Voices (premiere)

Feb. 9-10  MASS MoCA.  N. Adams, MA.  The Ultimate Symphonius 2000 installation premiere.  
March 6. Trinity College. Hartford, CT.  Night Images, Visions of a Summer night, Rainforest Images II demo & video.
March 10 Arrive at home of Barbara Beach in Virginia
March 11-16. Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem NC.   US 2000 and concert (Happy Days, Invisible Chariots I, In the Beginning, Jambori Rimba concert version).
March 17 (evening). Home of Barbara and Kim Beach. Falls Church, VA.
March 25. Leave for Oakland, CA. Stopover at home of Anna Rubin in Oberlin
March 28 - April 5 in Oakland. Oakland Zoo. Rainforest and Music From and About the Wilderness (Earth Music, Jambori Rimba demo, Wilderness, Rainforest Images II).
Contact:  Arlyn Christopherson. Staying at her home.
April 5 -  8.  Santa Barbara, CA.  University of Ca. at Santa Barbara. Rainforest, concert (Earth Music, Visions of a Summer Night, Wilderness, Rainforest Images II).
April  9-14. Missouri Western Univ. St. Joseph, MO. Ultimate Symphonius 2000.   
Hosted by Missouri Western State College Music Dept.
April 20 - 23. Whitaker Center, Harrisburgh, PA.  Rainforest, Music From and About the Wilderness.
April 25-6. Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, VA.  Rainforest, Happy Days, Invisible Chariots I, In the Beginning, Jambori Rimba (concert version).
May 3-6.  Hamilton College, Clinton, NY.  US 2000.
May 8-14.  Port Huron Museum.  Port huron, MI.  Rainforest.
June 7.  Engine 27, New York.  Mini concert and CD release party. Happy Days, Invisible Chariots I, In the Beginning.

Sabattical. No events.

Wed, March 20, 2002:  Residency at Webster College, St. Louis, MO.  Event:  RAINFOREST audience-interactive installation.
Friday, March 22. Concert and classes at Missouri Western State College.  Classes on March 22 at 9 and 10 am.Event:  MILLing in the ENNIUM  Evening concert.  Premiere of this concert, which includes: Jewels of January from Symphonies of Seasons (Priscilla), Autumn Requiem (joint), MILLing in the ENNIUM (Barton). Autumn Requiem is a premiere performance.
Saturday, March 23.  Arrive 7:30 - 8 pm at home of Jay and Louis Harris
Monday, March 25.  Concert and classes at The University of Louisville.  Event:  MILLing in the ENNIUM.  Evening concert.
Tuesday, March 26.  Lecture/demo at The University of Kentucky.  Event:  The McLean Mix-On the Edge . Evening event.  
Wednesday, March 27. .  Concert and classes at Transylvania University.  Event:  MILLing in the ENNIUM  Evening concert.
Monday/Tuesday, April 1-2. Residency at Mansfield College.  
        April 1 event: MILLing in the ENNIUM Evening concert.
        April 2 event:   RAINFOREST audience-interactive installation.
Some time the week of April 9-15:  Earth Day program on WAMC-FM with Paul Elisha's Performance Place
April 16.  “Rainforest” at Hudson Valley Community College, Maureen Stapleton Theater, 12 noon-3 pm.  
Wednesday, April 24.  Concert at the Arts Center of the Capitol Region, sponsored by iEAR at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  Event:  MILLing in the ENNIUM
August 31- Sept. 14. Residency at Rocky Mountain National Park.   In William H White Cabin.  
12/2 - 12/30, 2002.  MacDowell Colony residency.  Patricia and Jerre Mangione Fellows

Feb. 22 (Sat)  Concert "MILLing in the ENNIUM" at California State University-Fresno.  Sponsored by Orpheus Chamber Ensemble.  
Feb. 23-4.  Concert "MILLing in the ENNIUM" at Univ of California-Santa Cruz.
Feb. 25 (Tues.)  Concert "MILLing in the ENNIUM" at Univ of California-Berkeley.  Sponsored by CNMAT.  
March 3 (Monday). En route to Virginia. Staying at home of Richard Taylor in Philadelphia
March 5-6 (Wed-Thurs.): Residency at Radford College, Radford, VA.    
        March 5:  "Rainforest" installation.  
        March  6: Concert "MILLing in the ENNIUM."
March 7 (Friday):  Staying with Kim and Barbara Beach at Campicello in central Virginia.
March 9: "Rainforest" installation.  At Har Sinai congregation, Baltimore, Md. Staying with Vivian Rudow  
March 12 (Wed).  Fly to Phoenix, AZ.  Staying all week with Robert Hamilton
March 13-15: Attending and participating in SEAMUS conference at Ariz State U-Tempe.  Dimensions II played by Robert Hamilton

March 22:  Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio.   Concert "MILLING in the ENNIUM."
March 24: Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, Illinois.  Concert "MILLING in the ENNIUM."
March 25 or 26:  Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri.  Lecture/Demo "The McLean Mix--On the Edge."  
March 29:  Southeast Oklahoma State University, Shawnee, Oklahoma.  Concert "MILLING in the ENNIUM."
March 30-31:  Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee, Oklahoma. Mini-residency as follows:
        March 30: Concert "MILLING in the ENNIUM." Sound, video, live performance.
        March 31:  Audience-interactive installation "Rainforest."  
April 3:  Living Arts of Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Concert  "MILLING in the ENNIUM."
April 5:  Arkansas State University, State University, Arkansas.  Concert  "MILLING in the ENNIUM."
April 10:  State University of New York at Geneseo.  Excerpts from Concert  "MILLING in the ENNIUM." Sound, video, live performance.  
April 13-14:  Mt. Hope College, Holland, Michigan. Mini-residency as follows:  
        April 13:  Audience-interactive installation "Rainforest."  
        April 14: Concert "MILLING in the ENNIUM."
April 21:  Daemon College, Amherst, New York.  Concert  "MILLING in the ENNIUM."
May 12:  Kingston University, London, Great Britain.  Concert  "MILLING in the ENNIUM."
May 14-15:  Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, Great Britain.  Mini-residency:
       May 14: Lectures.
       May 15:  Concert  "MILLING in the ENNIUM." Sound, video, live performance.  
Sept. 25-Oct. 2: Residency by Barton McLean at Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison on MAX/MSP.  Rainforest installation and
        Oct. 1: concert: Composers Playpen (premiere), Jewels of January, July Dance     (both from Symphonies of Seasons), MILLing in the ENNIUM

January 22, 2005: Vassar College. On the Edge.
January 23, 2005: Vassar College: MILLing in the ENNIUM
March 1, 2005: SUNY New Paltz, NY: MILLing in the ENNIUM
March 5, 2005: Washington & Lee University, Lexington, VA., MILLing in the ENNIUM
March 7, 2005: Univ of Maryland, College Park: Lecture ON THE EDGE
March 10, 2005: Univ of Miami at Coral Gables, FL: MILLing in the ENNIUM
March 14, 2005: Tulane University, New Orleans, LA: RAINFOREST
March 16, 2005: Mississippi Univ for Women, Columbus, MS: MILLing in the ENNIUM
March 18, 2005: Abilene Christian University, Abilene, TX.: MILLing in the ENNIUM
March 21, 2005: Rice University, Houston, TX.: MILLing in the ENNIUM
March 25, 2005: Missouri Western State College, St. Joseph, MO.: MILLing in the ENNIUM
March 29-April 1: The Arts Place, Portland, IN.: Residency with RAINFOREST
April 4, 2005: St. Marys College, Notre Dame, IN.: MILLing in the ENNIUM
April 12-14, 2005: Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD.: RAINFOREST
November 15, 2005: Hamilton College. On the Edge.  
December 31, 2005: RAINFOREST. First Night Saratoga.

March 7  Williams College.  Concert MILLing in the ENNIUM
March 10-11.  Middlebury College, VT.  Rainforst & MILLing in the ENNIUM
March 19-20.  Elizabethtown College, PA. Concert. MILLing in the ENNIUM
March 21- 25.  Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA.  2 days Rainforest, then concert MILLing in the ENNIUM
March 25-27. Staying with Barbara and Kim Beach at 703 532-7788  (Falls Church, VA).
March 27 -31.  At University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, VA.  2 days of Rainforest, then concert MILLing in the ENNIUM
April 4.  Drew University. Concert. MILLing in the ENNIUM
April 16-18. Bradley University, Peoria, IL.  Rainforest.
April 18. Univ of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Concert.MILLing in the ENNIUM
April 19-21. Logan Middle School LaCrosse. Rainforest.  
April 22-23. Ginny and Don Malone in Sharon, WI
April 23 evening-April 24 am. Ho Hum Motel, Ashtabula, OH, at (440-969 1136.  

March 17. Arrive Jay Harris home in late pm.
March 20. Kevin & Michelle Hanlon.  Arr. 8pm.
March 21. Kathryn Mishell in Austin, Tx.  
March 22-25. Neva & Bill Biggs.  2541 Pedernales Cliff Trail, Austin, TX
March 25-26. Sam Houston State U, Huntsville, TX.  MILLing in the ENNIUM.
March 27.  To Gerry King's in Austin.  Arrive c. 6 or 7 pm. Staying with Gerry till March 30.
March 28 -29 UT Austin.  MILLing in the ENNIUM.
March 30.  Del Mar College, Corpus Christi, TX.  On the EDGE.  Wolfe Recital Hall
April 1.  Georgia College & State U. Milledgeville, GA. MILLing in the ENNIUM. Stay w Richard Mercier
April 4.  Kim Beach in Madison, VA. Arr. mid afternoon.  
April 17-18.  Eastern Connecticut. State U, Willimantic.  Rainforest & MILLing in the ENNIUM.
April 28.  Walker Art Museum-Baltimore.  Music About and From the Wilderness (Rainforest, Improvisation, Xakaalawe, Borneo lecture/demo, Wilderness)
May 7. Bennington College. On the Edge

Feb. 2, 2008.  World Premiere of our new concert NATURAL ENERGY at Washington & Lee University, Lexington, VA.  Works  performed (all premieres except July Dance): July Dance, The Playpen Etudes (lecture demo) Collapsed Rhythm and Energized Harmonies, Magic at Xanadu, Xakaalawe, Natural Energy,
March 28.  Concert NATURAL ENERGY at Cleveland State Univ., Cleveland, OH.
April 2-4, 2008.  Truman State University, Kirksville, MO.  NATURAL ENERGY and RAINFOREST.
April 5, 2008.  Missouri Western State Univ.  - St. Joseph.  Concert NATURAL ENERGY.
April 7, 2008.  Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, IL.  Concert NATURAL ENERGY.  
April 9-10, 2008.  Hope College, Holland, MI.  Concert NATURAL ENERGY and special presentations.
April 14-15, 2008.  Ohio University-Athens.  RAINFOREST and NATURAL ENERGY.  
April 17, 2008.  Bradley University, Peoria, IL.  NATURAL ENERGY. 

3/24.  Rowan University (NJ). On the Edge
3/25:  Barbara and Kim Beach in Madison, VA.   
3/28 - 3/31.  Residency at Georgia College & State University. 3/29: Natural Energy. 3/30-31? Rainforest.
3/31-4/2  Staying with Eric & Hope Bernstein in Savannah, GA.  
4/2 -4/4  Staying with Nancy & Jerry Farmer in Villa Rica, GA.  
4/5 -4/7.   Mt. Union College, Alliance, OH.  Natural Energy & Rainforest
4/7 - 4/10.  Hocking Hills State Park, OH.  Cabin # 3.
4/11 - 4/15.  Residency at St. Johns/St. Benedict University.  Rainforest & Natural Energy.
4/15-4/17.  Don & Ginny Malone in Wonewoc, WI., waiting with a glass of scotch to celebrate the end of the McLean Mix extended driving tours forever.
11/10. Hamilton College. Natural Energy. Jubilee (premiere)

11/5-7: Salisbury University, Md. Rainforest
11/14: Peter’s People. Premiere of video commissioned by Petersburgh Library. Petersburgh Town Hall.  7 & 8:30 pm

4/23-4: Tufts university. Rainforest.

        4/24: On the Edge.

11/16-21: SUNY Potsdam, Crane School of Music. Composers in residence.Performances: Barton's Rondo for Band, Legend #2 and Legend #2 for Symphonic Winds and Percussion, all performed by the Crane Wind Ensemble. Priscilla and Barton gave classes and demonstrations on their electroacoustic music and on the Kyma system. 

2018:  Summer. Hill and Hollow Festival, Saranac, NY.  Composers in residence with Rainforest installation.
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