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Priscilla McLean's "Hanging off the Edge -- Revelations of a Modern Troubador"

A new autobiography from iUniverse, Inc., "Editors' Choice":

 Hanging off the Edge is an autobiography by Priscilla McLean.

"The next morning in Alpena, Michigan, lying exhausted in bed in yet another strange (but oh so familiar) motel room, I think about my life—our lives, Bart's and mine. Touring from town to town—no health insurance, no steady jobs, no children, no insurance of any kind against the dark forces in the world..."

Hanging Off the Edge is an extraordinary journey into the mind and life of one of America's most creative women, Priscilla McLean. McLean shares her precarious cliff-edge existence as a classical avant-garde troubadour and the day-by-day tour of the world through Europe, Asia, and Australia. She also writes of her touching story, from growing up in a middle-class family fallen on hard times during World War II to her seemingly settled life as a college professor's wife. McLean's quotes from her extensive journals, kept over a twenty-five-year span of time, give an immediacy and poignancy to "Hanging Off the Edge."

Mingled with these memories are original short poems, philosophical thoughts on the artist's life, and a whole section where McLean explores how, over the span of thirty-five years, thirteen special musical creations were born and placed before the world. Excerpts of these 13 pieces can be listened to on the New Music USA Online Library (enter Priscilla McLean in the search window)  -- or,  a special made-to-order CD can be purchased from Priscilla McLean, 55 Coon Brook Rd., Petersburgh, NY 12138. (Phone- (518) 658 3595).  All versions of the book are available from the author (composer) or from iUniverse.  The CD is ONLY available from the composer. We accept purchase orders, Paypal (including credit cards through Paypal), and personal checks. Personal checks must be received before the items can be sent out.  All payments must be made in US dollars. For foreign purchases, Paypal is recommended.

This book was recently featured in some interviews and articles appearing in New Music USA's New Music Box.

Stream, view, and download Priscilla McLean's music for free HERE.

Stream, view, and download Barton McLean's music for free HERE.

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